Care at your Home

X-ray is done with a portable X-ray machine at your bedside it is called a portable x-ray. Our portable X-ray machine meets our patient’s expectations in portable radiography and offers high-end digital image quality

We are one of the few diagnostic centers in Lahore providing high-end digital portable X-ray imaging wherever and whenever needed. Portable X-ray service saves you the discomfort of shifting bedridden patients to a hospital and in return saves you the huge cost of ambulance services. Old-age patients recovering from surgery no longer have to go through the trouble of visiting a hospital to get X-rays done. We are just a call away to cater to all your X-ray requirements in the privacy and comfort of your home.

We are a top-notch digital X-ray service provider, offering all types of portable facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.

With the advancement of digital technology, diagnostic services have improved tremendously over the years and have made a paradigm shift in the healthcare diagnostics industry. Our portable X-ray at-home services are one such example of home care services that enable us to carry out advanced X-ray services in the comfort of your home.

Our digital X-ray services at home are carried out with highly trained professionals using an advanced portable DR System machine which enables the most accurate X-ray depictions available in the market today, for almost all parts of the human body.

The reports are instantly generated and shared with the patient immediately in HD quality after the procedure on their phone, which enables quick access and sharing with the doctors if that is the case.

These digital X-Ray services are completely safe, and hassle-free and follow all the latest norms and regulations defined by the industry with easy access to avail them via call or through our website.